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  CSG invited to International Mining Conference
    The China International Mining Conference consists of three parts: the summit forum, the mining expo and special events. As an invited guest, CSG will share how to improve the efficiency of poor mine sorting, mentioning resource utilization and protecting the environment.
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  Refined processing is the future of ore company
    To improve the purity of ore, to facilitate the refinement of non-metallic minerals China's current non-metallic minerals are still in the "first-class resources, second-rate products," the development stage, is still "holding the golden bowl to eat." The government encourages and promotes the transformation from primary processing to fine processing. This has greatly improved the grade requirements for ore. Ore color sorter is a new type of ore dressing technology that can just select the high-quality ore that meets the requirements. New technologies for the transformation of mineral raw materials industry to mineral materials industry
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  The application prospect of peanut color sorter
    The peanut color sorter is a large scale mining and surgical equipment that uses the principle of photoelectricity to sort peanuts by color, and its application not only solves the problems and quality problems of agricultural and commercial technology, but also greatly increases the output of peanuts. Lowering the cost of peanuts can be said to solve the above problems.
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  How to efficiently remove bad yellow rice
    The appearance of the small yellow rice sorter has greatly improved the efficiency of the small yellow rice in the screening process, and greatly improved the quality of the color selection. In the era when the Xiao Huang Beige separator was not available, how did it effectively remove the bad yellow rice? ? This problem is that many, many friends who make small yellow rice processing industry will have such problems.
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  Which process is used after the tea sorter?
    A wide variety of teas are available in the market. According to their processing technology, they are divided into 6 major categories: green tea, black tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, and oolong tea. Here's a brief introduction to the six kinds of tea processing technology.
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  How to optimize and optimize the rice sorter
    In the process of using rice color sorters, the effect of color selection is related to the quality of the color sorter. Follow-up optimization of accessories is also a very important part. The rice color sorter accessories are inevitably worn out during use. What needs to be solved to meet such problems? Or how to protect the color sorter from serious abrasion of the color sorter? Today, CSG engineers will come to you to make up your class and give you the optimization methods for the selection and maintenance of the color sorting machine accessories:
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