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  CSG Make Contributions to Summer Wheat Harvesting
    CSG and the Wheat Harvest Federation provide sorting equipment and technical support for the preliminary sorting of wheat after harvest, removing impurities such as stones after wheat harvest, reducing storage costs for grain storage companies and improving sales quality.
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  CSG ensure the quality of national grain reserves
    COLOR SORTER GROUP has many years of experience in cooperation with China's grain storage companies. It aims at the deviation of wheat quality and does not meet the storage standards. In the wheat pretreatment process, the CSG color sorter has a mature color selection technology to accurately remove wheat scab, imperfect grains. , impurities, etc., bring out a low ratio, high precision, and create the best output efficiency.
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  Sorting Technology Drives Sustainable Development
    Sorting Technology Drives Sustainable Development. With the rapid expansion of the global population, ensuring the food supply of each additional population and increasing the utilization of resources have become important. Every crop and each harvested grain should not be wasted or lost in the middle. Technological progress is a key factor driving the increase in resource utilization.
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  2018 National Salt Industry Chain Summit Forum
    Recently, the national salt industry ushered in the industry's annual grand event - the 2018 national salt industry chain collaborative innovation and development summit forum. Experts and entrepreneurs from industry research institutes, salt companies, salt production line design institutes, salt production and processing equipment manufacturers and other industrial chain experts gathered together to analyze and discuss from a professional perspective and jointly plan the future development of salt industry.
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  CSG invited to International Mining Conference
    The China International Mining Conference consists of three parts: the summit forum, the mining expo and special events. As an invited guest, CSG will share how to improve the efficiency of poor mine sorting, mentioning resource utilization and protecting the environment.
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  Refined processing is the future of ore company
    To improve the purity of ore, to facilitate the refinement of non-metallic minerals China's current non-metallic minerals are still in the "first-class resources, second-rate products," the development stage, is still "holding the golden bowl to eat." The government encourages and promotes the transformation from primary processing to fine processing. This has greatly improved the grade requirements for ore. Ore color sorter is a new type of ore dressing technology that can just select the high-quality ore that meets the requirements. New technologies for the transformation of mineral raw materials industry to mineral materials industry
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