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  CSG will participate in 12th China Nuts Exhibition
    The “China Nuts Exhibition” sponsored by the China National Food Industry Association's Nutty and Roasting Specialty Committee is an influential trade event for the Asian nut industry. Since 2006, it has been successfully held for 11 consecutive years. . Nowadays, the "Roasted Nuts Exhibition" has become an international mode of operation, creating a specialized exhibition brand and creating a healthy, stylish and sustainable exhibition culture.
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  Financial Reporter In-depth Report on CSG Company
    At present, CSG, who is the second-largest player in the global color sorting industry, continues to expand its field of color selection and sorting. In addition, it has further applied more than a decade of experience in vision systems and artificial intelligence to industrial robots. : Palletizing robots, stamping robots, AGVs, intelligent three-dimensional storage systems, six-axis robots, and vision inspection and positioning systems. With the development of a new personal smart new product, the company is getting closer and closer to the mainstream suppliers of domestic industrial robots.
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  CSG Remote APP Intelligent Control Technology
    CSG Remote APP Intelligent Control Optical Sorting Machine Technology
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  CSG participates in the 18th Xiamen Stone Fair
    March 6, the annual Xiamen International Stone Fair. Many well-known brands from all over the world in the stone industry gathered at the Xiamen Stone Fair. The entire exhibition area is crowded with people, and it is bustling and lively.
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  CSG Manifesto at World Consumer Rights Day
    "315 Consumer Rights Day" is Coming 3.15 World Consumer Rights Day Manifesto from Color Sorter Group
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  How to choose the right type of rice color sorter
    China is a big agricultural country with safe food. Its grain processing industry occupies a crucial position in the process of agricultural industrialization in China. With the development of science and technology, people's living standards and quality of life have undergone tremendous changes, and the quality of food has become The requirements are becoming increasingly stringent and the food screening process requirements are also important.
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