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Effectively respond to wheat germination and scab

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The strong precipitation season in May has just ended
Concentrated rainfall will occur again in June
Wheat encounters rain during the filling period
Mildew grains and imperfect grains are obvious
Many affected wheat are not up to standard
Leading to difficulties in storage and recovery, the income is seriously affected

Change the traditional "two blows and two drying" extensive cleanup
Effectively remove imperfect grains such as mold, germination and the like that are similar in weight to wheat.
Easily protect the income of farmers and storage companies

According to the needs of users in previous years
CSG has introduced two new multi-purpose color sorters
Fully guarantee the flexible use requirements of the storage customers
More economical and efficient
Wheat and corn multi-purpose color sorter

CSG has focused on photoelectric recognition technology for nearly 20 years
Established Agricultural Products Intelligent Sorting Center
Product performance is leading the world
Exported to more than 100 countries and regions
Has a large number of grain storage and processing customers
Perfect after-sales service system
24 hours to actively respond to customer needs

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