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Improve the face score of the food industry

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Optical sorting equipment has greatly enriched the category of food sorting projects since it was introduced into the food sorting field. Most of the usual sorting equipment is used for the removal of foreign matter, size and weight. Since the optical sorting equipment, the sweetness, maturity, moisture content, slag rate, skin and internal flaws, biological characteristics, etc. They have become categories that can be sorted. In order to ensure high-end quality, the use of optical sorting equipment in the use of optical sorting equipment only selects five oranges that are superior in appearance, maturity and taste. There is also an optical sorting device for aflatoxins in nuts.

For optical sorting equipment, the light source is extremely important. Current optical sorting equipment sources include light-emitting diodes, infrared light, ultraviolet light, laser light, fluorescent light, and X-rays. Different lights will have different effects. Light-emitting diodes are used to remove defective products and impurities. Lights such as infrared rays and ultraviolet rays can be used for photography to distinguish the shape and color difference of the product. The laser can not only identify the structure of the product but also remove foreign matter. Color sorts foods; fluorescence uses the natural fluorescence of some fruits and vegetables to remove foreign matter; X-rays can be used for packaged products, rejecting substandard products by density index detection, and ensuring the safety of the final product. The evaluation criteria for food quality are constantly improving, and the optical sorting equipment is actually equipped with a more complex light source to achieve various requirements for sorting.

According to the online public information, the optical sorting equipment is suitable for a wide variety of foods. Local special agricultural products such as Minnan Navel Orange, Zhaotong Apple, Cangxi Red Heart Kiwi, and imported blueberry use optical sorting equipment as an important tool for sorting product grades to reduce the flow of non-conforming products to the market and enhance their brand image. As mentioned earlier, optical sorting equipment can also sort out food contaminated with aflatoxin, so nuts, seeds, peanuts and other dried fruits that are susceptible to aflatoxin contamination can be classified by optical sorting equipment. In addition, meat products such as meat and seafood can also be applied to optical sorting equipment. As for the packaged foods, x-ray sorting equipment can be used to eliminate the unqualified products. It can be said that the optical sorting equipment has been able to adapt to most food categories on the market.

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