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  The application prospect of peanut color sorter
    The peanut color sorter is a large scale mining and surgical equipment that uses the principle of photoelectricity to sort peanuts by color, and its application not only solves the problems and quality problems of agricultural and commercial technology, but also greatly increases the output of peanuts. Lowering the cost of peanuts can be said to solve the above problems.
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  How to efficiently remove bad yellow rice
    The appearance of the small yellow rice sorter has greatly improved the efficiency of the small yellow rice in the screening process, and greatly improved the quality of the color selection. In the era when the Xiao Huang Beige separator was not available, how did it effectively remove the bad yellow rice? ? This problem is that many, many friends who make small yellow rice processing industry will have such problems.
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  Which process is used after the tea sorter?
    A wide variety of teas are available in the market. According to their processing technology, they are divided into 6 major categories: green tea, black tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, and oolong tea. Here's a brief introduction to the six kinds of tea processing technology.
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  How to optimize and optimize the rice sorter
    In the process of using rice color sorters, the effect of color selection is related to the quality of the color sorter. Follow-up optimization of accessories is also a very important part. The rice color sorter accessories are inevitably worn out during use. What needs to be solved to meet such problems? Or how to protect the color sorter from serious abrasion of the color sorter? Today, CSG engineers will come to you to make up your class and give you the optimization methods for the selection and maintenance of the color sorting machine accessories:
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  Good quality tea is inseparable from sorting
    Nowadays, the processing capacity of a tea color sorting machine is equivalent to several hundred inspection workers. The production capacity of enterprises is effectively activated, the picking-up charges are significantly reduced, and the processing cycle is greatly shortened. Take Qianshan as an example, Qianshan is quite famous in the five major temples of origin, “Tianzhu Jianmian”. However, due to the inconsistent shapes and sizes of teas in the past, they were mixed in different colors, and they were labour-intensive and labor-intensive, combined with labor shortages and wages. It is too high to meet market demand. Since the advent of the tea color sorter, the graded tea has been well-proportioned, has no impurities, and has seen much better. If the work efficiency is roughly calculated, the average annual economic income of an enterprise can be increased by more than 100,000 yuan. The introduction of tea color sorters will help companies reduce labor costs, improve ergonomics, enhance the stability and consistency of their products, and increase their market competitiveness.
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  Pre-sorting applied before waste recycling
    Pre-sorting applied before waste pyrolysis and gasification.As garbage is constantly accompanied by human social life, garbage disposal is also an industry that is constantly changing and sustainable development. From another perspective, garbage is an inexhaustible and usable resource under the condition that the technology is perfect enough. With the rapid advancement of ecological civilization construction, in order to meet the needs of domestic garbage disposal in the new urbanization process, economic and environmental protection of medium and small tonnage waste disposal technology and equipment will become the first choice for urban environmental infrastructure construction.
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