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  CSG innovation invents coal gangue sorting machine
    CSG innovation invents coal gangue sorting equipment
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  CSG participated in the 9th Mineral Conference
    CSG participated in the 9th National Conference on Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources
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  Increase the value of ores such as quartz sand
    The appearance of color sorting machine is mainly used in the agricultural industry. For most agricultural and sideline products such as rice, miscellaneous grains, alfalfa, peanuts and soybeans, it is widely used in agriculture. With the rapid development of science and technology, the color sorting machine is slowly Started to penetrate into the industrial category. Metals, seeds, medicinal materials and seafood; bring great advancement to the development of many industries.
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  CSG improve the economic benefits of PET recycling
    As countries raise the concept of plastic waste recycling and tighten the law, this new technological breakthrough of CSG will bring better economic and environmental benefits for the recycling of PET products.
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  Five kinds of waste plastic sorting technology
    Mixed waste plastics are difficult to recycle or reuse, and the value of waste plastics must be classified to achieve effective recycling. There are many sorting techniques for plastics, including vibration sorting, airflow sorting, liquid sorting, electromagnetic sorting and photoelectric sorting.
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  Sorting technology eliminates danger of aflatoxin
    CSG is a global leader in food safety technology. CSG's sorting equipment combines near-infrared spectroscopy, X-ray, fluorescence and laser to detect food on the production line, analyze the surface characteristics and structure of each product, and ensure the quality and safety of the food. CSG laser technology is an efficient and feasible method for detecting aflatoxin. After being irradiated by CSG equipment, the light signal reflected by the food infected with aflatoxin is very weak, and is obviously different from the reflection signal of good products, and can be used for the detection of aflatoxin in various foods.
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