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  Five kinds of waste plastic sorting technology
    Mixed waste plastics are difficult to recycle or reuse, and the value of waste plastics must be classified to achieve effective recycling. There are many sorting techniques for plastics, including vibration sorting, airflow sorting, liquid sorting, electromagnetic sorting and photoelectric sorting.
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  Sorting technology eliminates danger of aflatoxin
    CSG is a global leader in food safety technology. CSG's sorting equipment combines near-infrared spectroscopy, X-ray, fluorescence and laser to detect food on the production line, analyze the surface characteristics and structure of each product, and ensure the quality and safety of the food. CSG laser technology is an efficient and feasible method for detecting aflatoxin. After being irradiated by CSG equipment, the light signal reflected by the food infected with aflatoxin is very weak, and is obviously different from the reflection signal of good products, and can be used for the detection of aflatoxin in various foods.
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  Improve the face score of the food industry
    Optical sorting equipment has greatly enriched the category of food sorting projects since it was introduced into the food sorting field. Most of the usual sorting equipment is used for the removal of foreign matter, size and weight. Since the optical sorting equipment, the sweetness, maturity, moisture content, slag rate, skin and internal flaws, biological characteristics, etc. They have become categories that can be sorted. In order to ensure high-end quality, the use of optical sorting equipment in the use of optical sorting equipment only selects five oranges that are superior in appearance, maturity and taste. There is also an optical sorting device for aflatoxins in nuts.
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  Effectively respond to wheat germination and scab
    CSG Change the traditional "two blows and two drying" extensive cleanup Effectively remove imperfect grains such as mold, germination and the like that are similar in weight to wheat. Easily protect the income of farmers and storage companies
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  The future development trend of ore color sorter
    In the entire ore field, if you want to improve product quality, you should choose a good ore color sorter. The ore color sorting machine has been widely used in the ore field. CSG ORESORTER is completely self-developed, focusing on the advanced performance of the color sorter, the reliability of the equipment quality and the long-term stability of the use.
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  The 8th Guangzhou IGME Exhibition
    On June 28, 2018, the 8th Guangzhou International Grain, Oil, Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition held in Guangzhou and Canton Fair was opened as scheduled. CSG brought its Rongzhi series of rice color sorting machines and household-type ZK series small beige. The selection machine and the four models of the RC series are unveiled!
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