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CSG Nut Food Optical Sorting & Process Seminar

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On June 7th, the innovation is endless, sharing the future - CSG kernel sorting and finishing process validation and technology seminars are held in Fuhai County, Xinjiang.

Clients from multiple locations gather at the customer site in Fuhai County, Xinjiang to observe and inspect the results on the spot. In the process of color selection, the user and the color sorting machine are selected through explanations of equipment models, functional characteristics, color selection effects, and technical parameters. Get in touch with each other and learn more.

As the high-end model of RC series under CSG, it is top-notch in terms of exterior design, interior design, technology loading, and technology configuration. The quality of excellence is very much in line with the needs of seed customers. In the past ten years of market, we have always kept up with the trend of the times and the trend of the market, persisted in making great products with ingenuity, and were committed to providing consumers with more advanced and intelligent photoelectric sorting products.

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