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The future development trend of ore color sorter

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Future ore color sorter

Based on independent innovation, COLOR SORTER GROUP has made breakthroughs in the following aspects:

(1) Application of new light source and application of hybrid light source; research and development of better spray valve, increase productivity while reducing take-up ratio, adapt to color selection of more products; increase research on signal processing and control technology of CCD color sorter To solve the problem of randomness and multi-channel of CCD color sorter.

(2) Applying a new high-speed ultra-large-scale microprocessor, embedding more recognition algorithms to improve the usability of the system

(3) With "Internet +" as a tool, we will vigorously improve the construction of the big data cloud system platform, equipped with fault diagnosis and Internet communication functions, and can help the enterprise after-sales service in real time in case of failure, requesting technical guidance. To realize the intelligent and remote intelligent operation of color selection operation, and bring unlimited value-added business information to customers through scientific and effective analysis.

In the entire ore field, if you want to improve product quality, you should choose a good ore color sorter. The ore color sorting machine has been widely used in the ore field. CSG ORESORTER is completely self-developed, focusing on the advanced performance of the color sorter, the reliability of the equipment quality and the long-term stability of the use.
Foreign brands of ore color sorting machines, due to high prices and many other reasons, the market is shrinking, which creates a very good opportunity for China to break the monopoly of foreign markets. As the color sorting machine industry receives national support and technology upgrades, CSG is in color. The road of the machine selection industry will be wider and wider.

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