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  15 sets of MINI Color Sorter Ready To India
    At the beginning of the third quarter, the group company undertook an order for the MINI Color Sorter project in Punjab, India. The company attached great importance to it and deployed it carefully. After all the cadres and employees worked overtime and day and night, the first batch of 15 sets of MINI Color Sorter in the project have all been produced. , enter the packing and shipping stage.
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  CSG participated Optical Sorting Conference
    CSG participated in the 2021 China Optical Sorting Conference. CSG COLOR SORTER brought the latest cloud technology products to the conference to fully demonstrate the fruitful results of AI intelligent sorting.
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  Improves the processing quality of grains
    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's awareness of healthy eating, the concept of "healthy regimen" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. From the former "living food" to now being transformed into healthy products through processing workshops, it has gradually become the "new favorite" on people's tables. Nowadays, many places keep up with market demand and use equipment such as color sorting machines to continuously extend the deep-processing industry chain, making "the whole grains" a "big industry" for villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich.
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  Do you know the tech of waste plastic sorting?
    Traditional sorting methods include manual sorting, density sorting, wind sorting, etc.; modern sorting methods include color sorting, near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) sorting, etc. Different methods are effective for separating mixed waste plastics, but these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of use range, separation efficiency, accuracy, and industrial applications.
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  Optical sorting in the era of big data
    The Internet has changed all aspects of work and production, including the way in which data is obtained and stored, inventory is tracked, and resources are recycled. Driven by big data and artificial intelligence technology, the fourth industrial revolution is sweeping the world with unprecedented momentum. The Internet of Things is reshaping various industrial fields and has set off a wave of innovation.
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  Color sorter helps the quality of wheat flour
    As the Spring Festival approaches, the market demand for rice, noodles, grain, and oil is showing a relatively obvious growth trend. An insider said, "The Spring Festival is one of the peak periods for flour sales." At present, considering the traditional customs of making dumplings, making pastries, and making glutinous rice balls in every household during the New Year's Day, flour processing plants are also rushing to make flour, and use the pasta powder sorting machine to ensure high-quality market supply.
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