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The 8th Guangzhou IGME Exhibition

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On June 28, 2018, the 8th Guangzhou International Grain, Oil, Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition held in Guangzhou and Canton Fair was opened as scheduled. CSG brought its Rongzhi series of rice color sorting machines and household-type ZK series small beige. The selection machine and the four models of the RC series are unveiled!

2018 Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Exhibition, is a brand boutique exhibition in the industry, with an exhibition area of ​​32,100 square meters, covering the entire industry chain of grain, oil and food machinery industry; complete categories, various types, distinctive themes, outstanding highlights, wide participation, organized order, The promotion of orderly and remarkable results is a grand event for the world's grain, oil and grain machinery transactions.

In the forum area of ​​the same period of the exhibition, the CSG R&D Department gave a special report on “Technology Innovation, Promotion and Upgrade – Color Selection Process to Promote Food Processing Industry Upgrade”. From the current situation of rice finishing, to the customization of product requirements in the market, CSG solutions and other aspects, the speech was wise and won a round of applause.

As one of the important activities of the exhibition, the organizer adhered to the principle of “fairness and justice”. At the opening and awarding ceremony, CSG Rongzhi series color sorting machine won 2 awards “Quality Product Gold Award” and “Top Ten Brand” Award. .

The exhibition fully experienced the charm of the Rongzhi series of rice color selection! Guest friends have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of CSG brand, service and value. As the leader in the color sorter industry, CSG has been committed to providing customers with better products and services, helping more companies to achieve quality upgrades, achieving healthy development and economic growth. In the future, the company will continue to deepen the market, strive for excellence, and work together with customers to create a new era of color selection industry.

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