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Smart and Digital Economy Empowerment

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Smart Manufacturing and Digital Economy Empowerment

Promoting the application of intelligent manufacturing equipment and software, cultivating new models of digital economy empowerment... At present, a new wave of large-scale equipment upgrades is being vigorously promoted across various industries, continuously injecting "new quality productivity" into high-quality development. Following the release of the "Implementation Plan for Promoting Large-Scale Equipment Renewal and Consumer Goods Replacement" in mid-April, terms like "equipment renewal," "replacement of old with new," and "green sorting center" have become emerging buzzwords in the industry.

The First Nationally Certified Green Sorting Center

The first nationally certified green sorting center has discovered that through the high-standard construction of COLOR SORTER GROUP, the introduction of fully automatic sorting equipment and other high-tech devices, it has achieved transparent, intelligent, and precise management of the entire process of resource recycling and waste classification, collection, transportation, and disposal. This has reached the optimal effect of green production and capacity enhancement, injecting new vitality into the utilization of renewable resources in Changsha County.

AI-Powered Optical Sorting Machines

"The AI recognition function of the optical sorter can classify bottles according to their different materials, colors, and other characteristics. We can also focus on sorting different types of waste plastic bottles by adjusting parameters." After sorting, the equipment uses an "air blow" method to "archive" the sorted waste plastic bottles. Light bottles are blown to the top layer, bottles with residue fall to the middle, and oil jugs fall to the bottom, all without any manual involvement.

Transition to Fully Automated Green Sorting

"Before using the machines, manual sorting and management were difficult. Carelessness could lead to chaotic scenes and dirty environments, which contradicts our green development philosophy." Now, after eliminating outdated production capacity and updating equipment, fully automated production of green sorting has been realized, truly achieving modernization and standardization of renewable resource utilization.

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