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CSG FX Park is set to commence operations

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CSG Fangxing Park: Leading Innovation in the Color Sorting Industry

The CSG Fangxing Park is set to commence operations soon. This project aims to establish a "Silicon Valley" for the domestic color sorting machine industry, enhancing the automation level of production and testing equipment, and promoting efficient resource utilization and green development.

CSG is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of intelligent sorting equipment. Its products are widely used in the sorting of rice, tea, grains, minerals, resource recovery, and coal.

As one of the representative enterprises of specialized and new "Little Giants," CSG has been dedicated to the color sorting industry for 20 years, continuously making breakthroughs in optoelectronic sorting technology and its application scenarios.

The Color Sorter industry is a niche field where efficient and precise sorting processes are crucial for ensuring sustainable resource utilization and developing the energy industry. Following the development approach of "specialization, refinement, differentiation, and innovation," CSG has not only achieved a leading position in the domestic market for mineral sorting but also strives to elevate the Chinese national brand to a global forefront.

The park covers a planned area of 50 acres and will introduce multiple advanced equipment to further enhance the intelligence of the production line, increase the automation level of production and inspection equipment, and create an industry-leading production system. This project boasts several technical advantages such as spectroscopic imaging, multi-dimensional analysis, full-scene recognition algorithms, and intelligent control. It enables deep recognition, automatic gangue removal, and impurity separation, achieving truly green, efficient, and intelligent coal sorting, which aligns perfectly with the intelligent development direction of China's energy industry.

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