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Optical Sorting Tech for R-PET Recycling

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Advancements in Optical Sorting Technology for R-PET Recycling

In recent years, with the rising awareness of environmental protection and continuous advancements in recycling technologies, optical sorting technology has achieved remarkable success in the R-PET recycling field. Color sorters, as a key tool in this domain, are widely used for sorting R-PET of different colors due to their high sorting efficiency. Simultaneously, material sorters have shown some capability in identifying and separating R-PET material differences.

However, traditional "color sorting > material sorting > aging" combinations are struggling to meet the increasing quality demands of downstream users when facing complex challenges. The main issues exposed include:

Challenges in Traditional Sorting Methods

  1. Difficulties in Distinguishing Very Light Color Differences: Although modern production lines equipped with color sorters can efficiently distinguish most R-PET with significant color differences, they struggle to accurately identify very light color differences, affecting the purity and reuse value of the recycled materials.
  2. Difficulty in Removing PET-G Low-Temperature Materials: PET-G, a low-temperature material, has physical properties similar to conventional PET, making it hard for traditional material identification technologies to accurately remove it from the recycling stream. This not only complicates subsequent processing but also affects the quality of regenerated products.
  3. Difficulty in Identifying Food Contact Materials: Common food contact materials such as PC, Tritan, and PPSU share certain similarities in appearance and material with R-PET, making them difficult to be effectively identified by color and material sorters. The inclusion of these materials poses a serious threat to the quality of recycled products.

CSG's Innovative Solutions

Among the many innovations of the company, the Pro series models equipped with ultra-light color recognition technology have been specially developed by CSG to address the issue of micro-color difference identification in R-PET materials. These machines can accurately identify micro-color difference pieces in R-PET materials, enhancing the precision and efficiency of color sorting.

Moreover, CSG's research and development team has continuously optimized algorithms and upgraded hardware to achieve high-precision identification of high-end materials such as PC, Tritan, PPSU, and PET-G. The Pro series models, customized to meet the high-purity material requirements of polyester plastics like R-PET, not only offer extremely high identification accuracy but are also user-friendly and highly stable. These models have received widespread acclaim from users.

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