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Some problems to be aware of when using ore sorter

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The ore color sorting machine has a magical effect on the color selection of high quality ore. The common marble floor and other stone floor in the market are processed by ore, and the production of such ore material also needs high quality and pure quality. It is necessary to use the ore color sorter to select high quality ore to improve the quality of the ore.

In the entire ore field, if you want to improve product quality, you should choose a good ore color sorter. The ore color sorting machine has been widely used in the field of ore. When selecting the ore color sorting machine, the focus should be on the advancement of the technical performance of the color sorting machine, the reliability of the equipment quality and the long-term stability of the use. Comprehensive consultation, extensive comparison.

In the application of the ore color sorter, it may encounter performance instability and frequent maintenance and re-commissioning problems, mostly due to the low stability of the optical system consisting of the light source, background and imaging system of the color sorter, especially It is a device that uses a simple optical system.

In addition, there are many dusts and dusts in the application environment, vibration and interference are also large, and temperature changes will affect the working state of the color sorter, resulting in a change in the detection signal or controlling the delay time of the high-pressure valve opening. Affects the accuracy of the blown action of the impurities. In addition, the matching degree of the process, material problems, etc. will have an impact on the effect of color selection.

Foreign brand color sorting machines, due to high prices and many other reasons, the market is shrinking, which creates a very good opportunity for China to break the monopoly of foreign markets. With the support of the color sorting machine industry and the improvement of technology, China's color sorting machine The road to the industry will be wider and wider.

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