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Inner Mongolia Wuyuan Seeds Sorting Conference

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On February 22nd, the Inner Mongolia Wuyuan dried fruit color sorting machine conference was successfully held. CSG participated in the exhibition and was invited to showcase the latest CS series seed kernel sorting machine.

"The hometown of Chinese sunflowers" Wuyuan, the leaders of various seed industry came to visit the CSG color sorter production line

CSG series large-volume seed color sorting machine, high-end new technology, popularity and strength coexist, bringing unlimited surprises. In addition to color selection by color optical system, the infrared recognition module uses near-infrared optical system to achieve color selection of some infrared sensitive materials, especially materials that cannot be sorted by ordinary color optical systems, such as seed kernels. Separation of material kernels; removal of foreign matter and malignant impurities in raisins to improve product quality and ensure food safety.

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