What is x-ray sorting

X-ray machine uses invisible X-rays to penetrate the material. The rays that pass through are received by the sensors below and converted into electrical signals, and then restored to image signals. Foreign objects and electrical signals are selected by processing the electrical signals and images. Impurities. X-ray detection is mainly related to the density of the detected object, and the later the periodic table of the element is, the easier it is to detect; in addition, the thickness of the material has a great relationship with the detection accuracy, and it has a relationship with the density of the foreign object to be detected.

How is x-ray sorting

1. Electronic excitation. A large number of high-speed electrons bombard the sample atoms, generate electronic transitions, and emit X-rays. This has a higher requirement on the sample. 2. Proton excitation. This excitation method has a short range, but strong penetrating power, and is rarely used. 3. X-ray tube. This is the most common now. The high-voltage electric field is used to allow high-speed electrons to bombard the anode target, generate electronic transitions, and emit primary X-rays. The primary X-rays are then used to irradiate the sample, generating electronic transitions and emitting secondary X-rays. This is a more common detection method in the field of industrial analysis and scientific research. 4. Radioisotopes are used as a source of radiation. This is not very common, only some domestic old-fashioned analytical instruments will use this method.