First, privacy policy Certain information and other information about you will be governed by China's privacy laws and the Company's Privacy Policy, please read the Privacy Policy carefully. CSG Group and its subsidiaries ("CSG", "CSG", "the Company" and "us") understand the importance of privacy to our customers and we strive to make it clear how we collect, use, disclose, transmit and Store your information. This privacy policy outlines our information processing practices. This Privacy Policy applies to CSG devices, websites or online applications that reference or link this Privacy Policy (collectively, the "Services"). Although this privacy policy applies to all our services, we also make certain certain privacy supplements for certain services that contain additional information about our information processing practices. These supplementary provisions must be observed when using the related services. Your consent will be obtained separately as we conduct other data collection and processing activities. Please note that this Privacy Policy also applies to your use of the CSG Device (covered by this Privacy Policy in conjunction with our website and online application). This privacy policy applies regardless of whether you access our services using your computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV or other device. Please be sure to read this privacy policy carefully because, as long as you use our services, you agree to the practices described in the Privacy Policy and the supplemental provisions. If you do not agree with the practices described in the privacy policy, please do not use our services. (1) What information we collect Information You Provide Directly: Some services require you to provide us information directly, such as membership registration, purchase, delivery and installation services. Member Registration: Information you fill in and / or submit when you register with CSG members and related services provided by CSG's official website platform, including your name, gender, date of birth, ID number, telephone number, e-mail address, Address and other related additional information (such as your province and city, zip code, etc.). Services such as purchase, delivery and installation: We may ask for your name, contact information, shipping address and billing address, and credit card information to process your order. Information collected during your use of the service. In addition to the information you provide, we may also collect information about your use of our services, such as device information, log information, location information, etc., through software in your device and other ways. Device Information: When you download or use CSG's official website or its affiliates' client software, or access the mobile website using CSG's official website platform service, CSG's official website may read information related to your mobile device, including but not limited to hardware model, IMEI Number and other unique device identifiers, MAC address, IP address, operating system version, and settings for accessing the service's device. Log Information: Information on your browser and computer that CSG official website automatically receives and records when you use CSG official website platform service or visit CSG official website platform web page, including but not limited to your IP address, browser type, Language used, date and time of visit, hardware and software characterization information, and web page records of your needs. Location Information: When you download or use CSG's official website or its affiliates' client software, or visit mobile web pages using CSG's official website platform services, CSG's official website may read information related to your location, such as your device's GPS signal or nearby WiFi access Point and cell phone tower information that may be sent to us when you use certain services. Third Party Sources Information: We may purchase your information from the open market (where permitted by law) and may combine it with other information received or relevant to you. If you choose to connect to third-party social networking services, we may also obtain your information from these services. Other Information We Collect: In addition to the above information, we may also collect other information about you, your device, or the use of the Services in any other manner that is indicated to you upon collection or with your consent. Including information that you provide when you contact our customer service team, the questionnaire responses we sent to you at the time of the survey, and the information we collected about your interactions with CSG's official website partners and CSG's official website partners information. You may choose not to provide certain types of information (for example, the information we requested during the registration of CSG members), but this may affect your ability to use certain services. (2) the use of cookies and web Beacon Cookie Technology: When you visit the website of CSG's official website or use the services provided by CSG's official website platform, we may identify your identity through small data files. This will help you to avoid repeating the steps of inputting your registration information or help to judge Your account is safe. These data files may be cookies, FlashCookie, or other local storage (collectively, "cookies") provided by your browser or associated applications. A cookie is a small file that stores information on a computer, television, phone, or other device. Entities that place cookies on your device can recognize you through cookies in different websites, services, devices, and / or browsing sessions. Cookies have many uses. For example, cookies can remember your login credentials so that you do not have to enter these credentials each time you log in to your service. Cookies help us and third parties understand which parts of our services are most popular because cookies help us see which pages and features visitors visit and how long they spend on those pages. With this information, we can improve our service more effectively and give you a better experience. Cookies help us and third parties understand what ads you watch so you do not receive the same ads every time you access your services. Cookies Help us and third parties provide you with relevant content and ads by collecting information about your use of our services and other websites and applications. If you use a web browser to access the service, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is sent. Each browser is different, so check your browser's Help menu to learn how to change your cookie preferences. Your device's operating system may contain additional cookie controls. Please understand that some of our services are only available through the use of "cookies". If your browser or browser add-on allows you to change the acceptance of cookies or reject cookies from CSG's official website, this may in some cases affect your safe access to CSG's official website platform and use of CSG Official website platform to provide services. Network beacon technology: Web pages often contain some electronic images (called "single-pixel" GIF files or "network beacon"). Using the network beacon can help the website to calculate the users who browse the website or access certain cookies. beacon collects information about your activity on the web, such as the page you visited, the address of the citation page you visited earlier, the time you left the page, your browsing environment, and the display settings. (3) How we use information We may use the information we collect for the following purposes: for you or your device service registration. provide your request for the service or function. (C) provide customized content and make recommendations based on your past use of our services, including but not limited to sending out product and service information via email, SMS, Wechat, phone, etc. or displaying personalized third-party promotional information to you through the system, Or share your information with CSG's official partners with your consent so they can send you information about their products and services. marketing information, for example, based on the use of your product, from time to time to send you a product reminder or product marketing activities. Assessing and analyzing markets, customers, products and services (including asking your opinion about our products and services, and conducting customer surveys): We may combine personal information from a service with information from other services, Used, shared, or disclosed for the purpose of giving you more personalized service, such as giving you a broader social presence. Know how users use our services so we can improve our services and develop new products and services. provide maintenance services for your equipment. Free sweepstakes, prize contests or promotions where permitted by law. We may use your personal information to prevent, detect, investigate fraud, endanger the security, illegality or breach of an agreement, policy or rule with us or any of its affiliates to protect you, our other users, or any of our or its affiliates The legitimate rights and interests. Other uses for which you agree. (4) How we share information We will not disclose your information to third parties for your own independent marketing or commercial purposes without your consent. However, we may disclose your information to the following entities: subsidiary company. Your information may be shared within CSG Group subsidiaries. business partners. We may also share your information with trusted business partners, including wireless carriers. These entities may use your information to provide the services you requested (for example, IK's video content via smart TV), anticipate your preferences, and may provide you with promotional materials, advertisements, and other materials. service provider. We may also disclose your information to companies acting for us or acting on our behalf, such as companies that assist us in processing bills or sending us an email on our behalf, but these entities may only use your information for the purpose of providing our services. other parties required by law to protect or protect our services. In some cases we may disclose your information to other parties: Observe the law or obey compulsory legal proceedings (such as search warrants or other court orders). confirming or complying with our service strategy; and protecting the rights, property or safety of CSG, our various affiliated companies, business partners or customers. other parties related to corporate affairs. We may disclose your information to third parties in the course of corporate merger, transfer or bankruptcy. other parties with your consent. In addition to the disclosures described in this privacy policy, we may also share your information with third parties when you agree to share or file a share request. Your Choice Right: We give you many options for how we use your information. Depending on your unsubscribe prompt, you can choose whether or not to accept our promotional information. Alternatively you can choose from the settings or visit the relevant website. (5) How we can ensure your information is safe To protect your information, we endeavor to protect your information with reasonable physical, electronic and managerial measures to prevent your information from being compromised, corrupted or lost, including but not limited to SSL, Information Encryption Storage, data center access control. We also take strict management of employees or outsourcers who may have access to your information, including but not limited to taking different permissions based on job title, signing confidentiality agreements with them, and monitoring their operations. CSG official website according to the existing technology to provide the appropriate security measures to protect your information, provide reasonable security, CSG official website will try our best to make your information will not be leaked, damaged or lost. Your account has security features, please keep your account and password information. CSG official website through to other server backup, the user password encryption and other security measures to ensure that your information is not lost, not abuse and change. In spite of the aforementioned safety precautions, you are also required to understand that there is no "perfect safety precaution" on the information network.