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Repair and maintenance of color sorter

Repair and Maintenance

Open the upper and lower sorting boxes, and clean the inside of the upper glass, the surface of the lower light source, the lens of the lower camera, the double-sided double-sided lower camera reflector and its lens, and clean the high-precision parts of the camera. To be careful and slight, consider using a cotton ball alcohol to wipe off the dust, and finally close the sorting box cover tightly. Check whether there are screws inside or outside the machine, and the terminals are loose, such as the screws near the vibrator and the terminals in the sorting box. For greaseable bearings, consider adding butter. For the wearing parts, if the small belt of the cleaning brush is worn out, you need to consider whether to replace it. Test each valve. If abnormal, repair or consider replacing the solenoid valve. Depending on the conditions of use, the use time of the filter element varies, and it is generally replaced once a year.

Repair and maintenance of color sorter


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