What is color sorting

The color sorting visual recognition system helps customers replace the manual detection of product colors, and performs data analysis and discrimination based on the color system. Less labor cost and higher sorting efficiency are the directions that the latent vision CCD recognition scanning system has been working on. Using the latest software operating system, based on LINUX platform research and development, software features richer, faster, professional algorithm tools, higher detection accuracy, full Chinese operation interface, easier to learn, easier to maintain and debug later.

How is color sorting

Although it was proposed late, it is of great significance in real-time detection systems and automatic control. With the advancement of technology, the speed of the processor has developed dramatically, which has also improved the efficiency of this system. The system generally determines the color of the object by identifying the RGB color value on the surface of the object to be identified. Generally, a single-chip microcomputer system is used as the core. The sensor can be made with a photoresistor and RGB-LED. Higher, but greatly affected by environmental factors, the general temperature is the most obvious


color sorting