Tea Color Sorter

Apply to separating different Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, Pu’er Tea, Oolong, and Other Tea Varietiesetc.

1. Solution of independent sorting mode,For each tier, a sorting solution of either color-based or shape-based can be set separately, and a combining sorting solution of color&shape-based can also be chosen. You can choose the solution freely.
2. Unique design of broadening sorting chamber,This design can solve the problem of partial tea-sorting caused by swirling air, increase the output and reduce the crashed rate during the course of tea sorting.
3. The original material-distributing system in the industry:,The latest-designed Bridge-type material-distributor is featured with low noise, low jitter amplitude, high vibration frequency, and more even sorting, settling the problems of uneven sorting and underproduction, which are often seen in currently-used material-distributor matched with three-tier tea-sorting machine.
4. The three layer structure, the integration of a combination of a complete separation, improve the color accuracy, reduce the broken rate. At the same time, convenient installation and daily maintenance, to meet the needs of different customers sorting.
5. The world's top custom industrial CCD sensor and color selection of the lens, high-definition imaging technology, taking pictures of the selected tea images, can be selected in the different color and shape of the tea to define the color. The minimum resolution in the range of o.o8MM2, the tiny spots, black spots signal amplification processing needle.


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