Cereals Color Sorter

Apply to separating different grains like Broad Beans, Chinese Wolfberry Fruits, Red Beans, Peppers, Soybeans, Hot Pepper Seeds, Mung Beans, Raisins, Lentils, Almonds, Oats, Onions, Corn, and Other Coarse Cereals, etc.

1. Color image acquisition system: Using high-definition color CCD camera image acquisition system, to achieve material (RGB) red, green and blue three color information acquiring, depth recognition tiny fine color sorter can choose other impurities.
2. Image processing system: Applying the international advanced 2048 full color scanning technology, DSP+FPGA processing technology, as well as complex algorithm of multiple modes combined with color and space, this system can provide the function of color&shape-based sorting depending on the difference of materials, and allow you to set multiple modes freely and select any material from tens of thousands of ones at your option.
3. Application of air-cooled system: The application of air-cooled system has solved the problems of high temperature, heavy energy loss and short service life - all of which were caused by longtime utilization of an LED light source, ensuring the durability of an LED light source under a constant temperature.
4. Cloud object link system,Autonomous cloud control, cloud computing technology, the realization of online operations, online monitoring, online services, free upgrades.
5、Solenoid Valves,The only independently developed dedicated solenoid valves with independent intellectual property rights for color sorters in the industry; special high-strength materials, strong suction, no residual magnetism, linear flow, precise blow, high consistency, significantly lowered optimal carryover; gas consumption for removing 1 ton materials is reduced by 20-30%; the frequency can be up to 1200hz per second, the fastest response time is within 0.5m/s, the service life is 5-10 billion times.


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