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Optical sorting in the era of big data

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The Internet has changed all aspects of work and production, including the way in which data is obtained and stored, inventory is tracked, and resources are recycled. Driven by big data and artificial intelligence technology, the fourth industrial revolution is sweeping the world with unprecedented momentum. The Internet of Things is reshaping various industrial fields and has set off a wave of innovation.

The recycling industry in the era of big data

In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the equipment in the factory is equipped with sensors and connected to the Internet, which can generate visual reports for the entire production line. The recycling industry is no exception. CSG's color sorting equipment has been able to realize cloud storage and transmission of data, including various data in the production process, such as production capacity, production data, and performance data, as well as automatic planning of service time.

After networking, operators can also remotely obtain common information such as production reports, spare parts orders and instructions for use, so as to better control production. Whether in the office or at home, operators and managers do not need to walk into the production workshop. They only need to use a computer or mobile phone to see the production status at a glance, including the purity of the materials after sorting, and whether the production efficiency meets the standards. The convenience is significantly improved. .

All data is stored in the cloud space. In the future, production managers can easily obtain historical production data of all networked sorting machines in a factory or even a company's multiple branch factories. Based on this information, managers can compare the performance of each equipment, and can also compare the processing efficiency of different production lines or even different factories, and in-depth analysis of influencing factors.

In the not-too-distant future, CSG combined with the deep learning technology of image recognition function will be able to sort more materials that were once unrecognizable and improve the recycling level.

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