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Color sorter helps the quality of wheat flour

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As the Spring Festival approaches, the market demand for rice, noodles, grain, and oil is showing a relatively obvious growth trend. An insider said, "The Spring Festival is one of the peak periods for flour sales." At present, considering the traditional customs of making dumplings, making pastries, and making glutinous rice balls in every household during the New Year's Day, flour processing plants are also rushing to make flour, and use the pasta powder sorting machine to ensure high-quality market supply.

Flour generally refers to wheat flour, which is a kind of powder obtained by removing bran and flour from wheat. Starch is its main ingredient. It can be used to make traditional pasta foods such as dumplings and steamed bread, as well as bread and pastries. Diversified products such as biscuits and biscuits. Flour has always been a common food in people's homes. In addition, wheat is the ration of my country's food crops whose output is only lower than that of rice, so my country has always been a major flour producer and consumer country.

At present, there are many kinds of flour on the market. From the perspective of gluten, it is mainly divided into three categories: low-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour, and high-gluten flour. The use of flour also varies according to the gluten. For example, low-gluten flour is mostly used to make biscuits. Cakes and high-gluten flour are mostly used to make dumplings and buns, while medium-gluten flour can be used to make various types of pasta because the protein content in starch is between low-gluten and high-gluten.

In recent years, as the flour market for household consumption has shown a trend of emphasizing brands, many processing companies have also focused on improving production processes to create high-quality flour, and strengthen the brand effect with a good reputation, and promote the flourishing of flour. A firm foothold in market competition.

A flour produced by a flour manufacturer in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, has recently been listed on the "China Good Cereals and Oils" product list, and behind the fact that its flour has become the golden sign of the enterprise, the support of advanced processing equipment is indispensable. It is understood that the flour processing plant of this enterprise is divided into cleaning, flour milling, flour mixing and packaging workshops according to different functions. It is worth mentioning that for decades, the processing plant has not only built a standardized flour production line by introducing crushing equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, powder packaging equipment, etc., but also worked hard on the processing of wheat raw materials. By vigorously introducing CSG pasta pink sorting machine, Improve the rejection rate of raw materials through image acquisition system and image processing algorithm, and better improve the quality of finished flour.

In fact, as the growth rate of my country’s flour market has slowed down in recent years, major flour processing companies have paid special attention to the upgrading of flour quality while pursuing high yields. After all, under the trend of consumption upgrading, high quality is what consumers need. The primary consideration is that the application of equipment such as color sorter is just right. For example, a flour production enterprise in Luohe, Henan Province specially introduced an advanced color sorter to detect and sort each grain of raw materials to remove problematic wheat raw materials such as moldy wheat; another processing company uses vibrating screens, color sorting machine and particles The sorting process realizes impurity removal and sorting.

The flour market is now welcoming the Spring Festival hot sales period. In addition to fully grasping consumer demand to increase production capacity, flour manufacturers still need to pay attention to the details in the production process, improve the quality of flour, and actively respond to market consumer demand after transformation and upgrading.

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