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color sorter maintenance in cold weather

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Common sense of color sorter maintenance that needs attention in severe cold weather!

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the pressure of the pressure regulator of the color sorter is within the normal range, and pay attention to whether it is adjustable;

2. Start the spray valve self-check after starting up. When the water vapor does not work, you can use the heater to heat it until the spray valve system works normally;

3. Pay attention to check the solenoid valve and dust removal air pipe for ice to prevent the dust removal function of the color sorter from being blocked;

4. When the color sorter is working normally, it is necessary to drain the air tank and filter regularly to prevent water vapor from entering the gas path of the color sorter, causing internal failure of the color sorter;

5. After the work is over, close the air inlet valve of the color sorter to drain residual gas and moisture; the drain valves of the air compressor pipeline, gas storage tank, dryer, etc. should be fully opened, and the condensate should be drained before closing the valve.

6. The following are warm reminders to customers who use Meiya CI series color sorters:

In severe cold weather, it is necessary to add glycol antifreeze to the chiller of the auxiliary equipment, and mix according to the following table

Remarks: The majority of CSG users, if conditions permit, it is recommended to take measures to prevent the indoor temperature from being cold and try to maintain the ambient temperature above 0°C.

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