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Color sorter improves pepper quality

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As a kind of seasoning spice, pepper has developed rapidly in recent years. Today, pepper has become one of the key industries that have been vigorously developed in many places, stimulating the "pocket" of the people to get rich. Catalyzed by consumption upgrading, the pepper color sorter has played a pivotal role in improving the quality and efficiency of the industry, increasing the added value of products, stabilizing the income of pepper farmers, and promoting industry specialization, standardization, quality, and branding.

The fruit of pepper is a commonly used seasoning, and its buds can also be eaten as vegetables. Pepper is widely distributed in my country, from the north to the south of the northeast, to the north slope of Wuling in the south, to the coastal areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the southeast, and to the southeast of Tibet in the southwest. It is understood that the Sichuan pepper industry will stabilize the area, optimize the structure, develop towards specialization, scale, standardization, industrialization, and branding, increase production capacity and quality, and effectively promote the quality and efficiency of the pepper industry and the poverty-stricken farmers to get rid of poverty. .

Usually the peppers are picked and processed into dried peppers through sorting, drying, etc. This is not only conducive to the storage, transportation, and sales of peppers, prolongs the sales period and shelf life, but also increases the added value of the product to a certain extent and increases the pepper. Farmers’ income.

However, most of the pepper raw materials will be mixed with some impurities, such as pepper stalks, pepper stalks, pepper thorns, seeds, moldy grains, heterochromatic particles, etc. If they cannot be effectively eliminated, it will directly affect the quality of the product and the taste and taste of the product.

With the advancement and maturity of advanced technologies such as light, machinery, electricity, and gas, the pepper color sorter that realizes the separation of impurities in pepper by systematically analyzing the shape, appearance and color of materials has appeared in the screening process in recent years. The pepper color sorter removes impurities, blemish grains and heterochromatic grains in the raw materials according to the color difference of the pepper, ensuring the sorting quality of pepper products, better adapting to the market's requirements for high-quality pepper, and increasing the value of pepper.

At first, my country's color sorter mainly relied on imports. Although the key technology of imported equipment is advanced, the equipment is expensive, the operating procedures are relatively complicated, the later maintenance is inconvenient, and the maintenance technology cannot meet the requirements. Common problems". In recent years, thanks to the unremitting efforts of research and development personnel, the domestic pepper color sorter has been successfully developed, breaking the foreign monopoly, and the price is relatively affordable, and the later maintenance is convenient. Once launched, it is welcomed by the market.

In addition, the pepper color sorter has rapidly improved its sorting speed, efficiency, accuracy and other functions. It has continuously broken the import monopoly of foreign color sorters. The market share of domestic color sorters has increased rapidly in recent years and has gradually been welcomed by the market. And the international competitiveness is also increasing. At present, the pepper color sorter incorporates more than 10 high-tech technologies, such as intelligent image acquisition and analysis technology, Internet of Things application technology, etc., which can accurately remove heterochromatic pepper grains and improve the quality of pepper sorting.

Today, as consumption continues to upgrade, the market has increasingly demanding pepper flavor and quality. The rapid development and progress of pepper color sorting machine, which effectively removes impurities and heterochromatic particles in pepper raw materials, is of great significance to the enhancement of pepper product aroma, flavor and quality, and it not only meets the market's requirements for high-quality pepper , And effectively ensure that the quality of pepper is improved, sales are available, and the added value is high, increase the income of pepper farmers, and promote the pepper industry to enter the fast lane of high-quality development.

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