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color sorter becomes mainstream in China market

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At the 17th China International Cereals and Oils Products and Equipment Technology Exhibition Fair, which ended recently, a large number of advanced grain machine technology equipment were concentrated on display, and domestic color sorters became the focus of attention. "China's grain processing equipment has greatly improved in terms of technical level, manufacturing capacity, market coverage, etc., especially in the field of color sorting machine manufacturing, it has reached the world's leading level and has become a bright business card for 'China's intelligent manufacturing.' China Grain Industry Association Yu Xubo, chairman and president of COFCO, said.

The color sorter is a sorting device that integrates high-tech achievements such as light, machine, electricity, and gas. It has a wide range of uses and is indispensable in many fields such as food safety, waste recycling, and ore. However, due to technological monopoly, the development of color sorter equipment in China started later than in developed countries. Since 2000, domestic color sorter manufacturers have entered a period of rapid growth. There are more than 30 color sorter manufacturers, with more and more product varieties and specifications, and gradually increasing market share. The current market share has reached more than 70%.

Taking COLOR SORTER GROUP as an example, after more than ten years of development, the company has become a large-scale, rich product variety, wide application field, intelligent sorting equipment and industrial robot and complete equipment manufacturer based on high-speed high-resolution CCD technology. It has developed intelligent sorting equipment for agricultural products such as rice, miscellaneous grains, tea, fruits and vegetables, and industrial intelligent sorting equipment such as plastics, industrial salt, coal, and intelligent equipment products such as palletizing robots. The products have not only spread all over the country, but overseas sales have accounted for 45% of its total sales.

Hefei City can be called the "Silicon Valley" of domestic color sorting machines. Hefei City not only has the resources of universities to provide talents for the color sorting industry, but the Hefei city government also supports the color sorting industry as a special industry, forming an industrial cluster effect .

In fact, compared with foreign companies, domestic color sorters have achieved a leading position in the field of small particle materials, and their scale advantages, aggregation advantages and cost-effective advantages are more prominent. However, the color sorter for fruits, vegetables and large materials started late and is in a state of catching up with foreign technologies. In the field of high-end color sorting machines, the "intelligent manufacturing in China" represented by CSG does not lose the intelligent manufacturing in foreign countries such as Japan's Satake. . However, in addition to the large production scale, strong technology accumulation, and strong product competitiveness of some enterprises, other small and medium-sized enterprises have problems such as small scale, insufficient R & D investment, and imperfect supporting of related industries. There are still some gaps in integration and precision. Therefore, color sorter companies need to invest more in new technologies, new fields and industries to catch up.

It is worth noting that the domestic incremental market for color sorters is gradually shrinking, the stock game has become a prominent feature, and domestic competition is becoming fiercer. Enterprises need to continue to explore the international market and new areas to expand the color sorter market. However, there are signs of vicious competition in the domestic color sorter industry, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. Industry insiders called on the hope that relevant national departments or local governments can create a fair business environment for enterprises, set up industry associations to regulate industry development, so that enterprises can gather together to warm up and improve international competitiveness.

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