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Plastic "closed loop sorting" needs to be solved

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According to statistics, about 6.3 billion tons of waste plastics have been produced worldwide since 1950, and a large amount of plastic waste quickly occupied and eroded our land, rivers and oceans. With the increasing population of the world, the amount of waste plastics is still increasing. How to effectively recycle plastic waste has become a difficult obstacle in front of all countries.

    In order to understand the dilemma of plastic waste, governments and enterprises are constantly striving to explore measures to control plastic waste pollution and reduce waste from three aspects: reduction, reuse, and recycling. The environmental and social costs of the problem.

    At the same time, the garbage recycling industry is also innovating recycling mechanisms, recycling equipment, recycling routes, etc., in order to promote the effectiveness of plastic waste recycling.

    As a global leader in sustainable solutions, COLOR SORTER GROUP has recently made an ambitious commitment to achieve 40% recycling of plastic packaging on a global scale by 2030.

    At present, the global plastic packaging recycling rate is only 14%, of which only 2% of the "closed loop" is achieved (refers to the same level of plastic regeneration, that is, recycled plastic is still used to manufacture the original product, not downgraded).

    In this context, once the commitments made by CSG are implemented, they will be able to effectively cope with the current challenges of sustainable development in human society, effectively reducing plastic waste, improving resource utilization efficiency, and avoiding excessive dependence on petroleum resources. Mining.

    Based on sustainable development, promote circular economy

    In announcing Taurang's commitment to plastic packaging recycling, CSG pointed out: "The recycling economy of plastics is not an unattainable dream. The existing technical means can fully contribute to the realization of this goal. We have every reason to have confidence in the future. CSG has accumulated more than 40 years of expertise and knowledge in the recycling field, and expects more people of insight to work with us."

    In order to ensure the realization of plastic packaging recycling commitments, Taurang will coordinate resources from the two major sectors of technology and policy to reshape the global plastic recycling system.

    At the technical level, CSG's sensor-based optical sorting and recycling technology leads the world in providing flexible recycling solutions for high-efficiency, high-quality resource recycling for each country's unique resource recovery and waste disposal systems.

    In terms of policy, CSG believes that the producer responsibility system and the garbage source classification system represented by the deposit system can stimulate the participation of producers and consumers, and make garbage sorting and garbage management become universal activities of the whole society, thereby promoting the recovery rate. Enhancing and promoting the back-end sorting and upgrading of regeneration facilities is an essential element in the transition to a circular economy. Only a combination of technology and policy can establish a sound plastic recycling system.

    With extensive industry experience and cutting-edge sorting and recycling technologies, CSG has established extensive cooperation with a large number of leading consumer goods brands, plastics production and recycling companies, using technology to promote sustainable human and resource conservation. development of. As of now, COLOR
 SORTER GROUP has provided resource recovery solutions for more than 80 countries around the world, including 80,000 automatic beverage bottle recycling machines and more than 6,000 optical sorting devices.

In 2025, it can achieve the goal of sorting and recycling 8 million tons of plastics from domestic garbage every year, of which 2 million tons can achieve the same level of regeneration (that is, the quality of recycled materials can be comparable with the original materials)

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