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Sorting equipment empowers development

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Recently, the 2019 International Macadamia Development Annual Conference and Linyi Nut Culture Festival with the theme of “Green, Hope, Health and Sharing” was opened in Linyi, Yunnan Province. Macadamia, also known as macadamia fruit, is delicious and has a high nutritional value. It has a large planting area in Yunnan Province, China. In the past two years, the macadamia nut consumption market has expanded, and the local development of macadamia nuts has been greatly promoted, which has also increased the market penetration rate of equipment such as sorting machines.
Macadamia is native to Australia and is known as the “King of Dried Fruits”. The fruit is rich in protein, vitamins and amino acids. The oil content is 70% -79%, especially rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and palmitic acid. In order to grow macadamia nuts, we must first ensure that the annual average temperature of the growing environment is between 10 and 30 degrees. Secondly, there are strict requirements for precipitation. Planting in areas with annual rainfall of 1000-200 mm can produce better results.
Yunnan is located in the southwestern part of China. The annual temperature difference is generally only 10 °C ~ 12 °C. The annual precipitation in most parts of the province is above 1000 mm, and the majority can reach 2200-2700 mm. Therefore, the climate in Yunnan is very suitable for growing macadamia nuts. In the past two years, the Yunnan government has vigorously supported the local macadamia nut industry. By the end of 2017, the planting area of ​​macadamia in Yunnan Province had reached 2.62 million mu, accounting for 93% of the country's planted area and producing more than 40,000 tons of fresh fruit.
It is worth noting that such a large nut production is also forced to mechanize the local industry, especially the selection of nuts. Macadamia nuts are small in size, and with large yields, manual selection is inevitable. And the macadamia nut is hard and it is difficult to distinguish the internal quality without damaging the outer casing. At this point, sorting equipment is very important.
The sorter is a device for grading and screening products. The nut sorting equipment on the market usually uses computer image processing to sort nuts. Use advanced image collection systems and image processing systems to collect data such as nut shape, size, surface damage, etc., and then filter the nuts based on the data.
Nowadays, with the continuous maturity of sorting technology, the functions of sorting equipment are constantly improving. At present, there are a wide variety of sorting equipment on the market. Optical sorting equipment can eliminate the defects in food and foreign materials such as glass, wood and metal by discriminating the shape, density, water content and biological characteristics of the articles; the weight sorting equipment passes The automatic checkweigher and the set weight parameters are used to sort the food, the detection accuracy is high, the sorting speed is fast... In addition, many sorting devices are now equipped with intelligent sorting and reverse sorting systems. To further improve the efficiency of sorting.
It is understood that COLOR SORTER GROUP has released a set of full-spectrum nut roasted seeds and nuts sorting equipment. Through the development of visible light, X-ray, infrared, laser and other sorting technologies, the CG series artificial intelligence color sorting machine and M1 series mini color selection have been developed. Machine, K series track color sorter, X-ray foreign body detector and other sorting equipment.
COLOR SORTER GROUP has also optimized its products. It is reported that the company's new generation of sorting machine uses biometric fingerprinting technology (BSI), which can identify products that cannot be discerned by the naked eye through non-visible light spectrum, and can detect problems such as nutcracker, mold and discoloration of nuts. A new valve block has also been adopted, which reduces the valve spacing by 25%, further improving accuracy and making the equipment run more stable.
Relevant institutions predict that by 2020, the macadamia planting area in Yunnan Province will reach 4 million mu, the fruiting rate will increase from the current 12% to 30%, and the output will increase to 200,000 tons. In order to maintain the high quality of products, manufacturers need to use automated and intelligent sorting equipment instead of manual selection to improve the standardization level of production, so as to achieve high-quality development of the industry.
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