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CSG Innovative technology, six cores

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Innovation and technology

CSG fights in the wave of global technological innovation, and at the same time conforms to the trend of the times and actively promotes its technological transformation and development. Its six core technologies include:

(1) Image and algorithm processing system: using high-end full-color line scanning technology, ARM+FPGA leading edge processing technology, CCD reaches 5400 points X10K scanning capture, color and shape combined with multiple modes intelligent complex algorithm, providing "for different ore materials" Color selection + shape selection + penetration" solution.

(2) Camera image acquisition system: It adopts high-definition full-color lens to realize comprehensive acquisition of material red, green and blue, and deep recognition of small and fine ordinary color sorter can not select other impurities.

(3) Self-injection nozzle and valve drive mode: It adopts special solenoid valve for ore, high frequency, accurate color selection, high efficiency and energy saving, and intelligent selection for different sizes of ore particles.

(4) Light source system: It adopts new LED optical system design, intelligent light control, and 65,535 colors can freely adjust the background color.

(5) Feeding system: The unique vibration feeding system effectively avoids the influence of vibration on the color selection effect of the host, making the equipment run more stable.

(6) Chute configuration.

The CSG color promotion models include double-layer crawler ore machines and double-layer sand machines. Since the two-layer structure double-checks the raw materials, the finished product can be ensured and the take-out can be reduced.

The output of the double-layer track ore color sorter is 6-10 tons with an accuracy of 99.9% and a ratio of 10:1. The double-layer sand mill has a production capacity of 2.5-6 tons, an accuracy of 99.99%, and a take-up ratio of 1:1. In addition, the double-layer crawler ore machine requires the particle volume to be within three times, and the double-layer sand machine requires uniform meshing.

Regarding the pre-sales and after-sales service of the products, CSG will provide full-scale guidance and installation on the customer's site planning and supporting facilities before the sale, and send senior commissioners on-site commissioning, training and technical guidance for later use.

The powder network reporter found that there is a detail on the official website of CSG that reflects the meticulous and thoughtful service. In response to the problem of high humidity in the southern region, CSG recommends that customers install two moisture filters and remind users to drain at least once every two hours depending on the site conditions. Otherwise, moisture entering the machine will shorten the life of the machine. At the same time, each filter in the gas path The device (including the inside of the machine) should check the drainage in time and replace the filter element from time to time.

CSG adheres to the business philosophy of “Your satisfaction is our standard of work”, focusing on each customer's needs and providing customers with quality products and services.

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