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Color Sorter main application areas

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Color sorter main application areas

The main application areas of the color sorter are divided into the following three types:

(1) Application of food (related to agricultural product processing)

As the country's food safety and the consumption of miscellaneous grains increase, as a large agricultural country that needs to provide high-quality and safe food for one-fifth of the world's population, the grain processing industry is crucial in the process of agricultural industrialization in China. status. Demand for color sorters for agricultural products such as food is expected to increase significantly.

(2) Application of renewable resources industry

As early as in the 1950s and 1960s, in order to solve the problem of serious shortage of social materials, the government vigorously advocated diligence and thrift, collected old profits and wastes, and established a relatively complete system for recycling waste materials.

However, there is still a big gap between the development of China's renewable resources industry and developed countries such as Europe and the United States. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is less than 25%, the consumption rate of recycled lead is only 33%, and the United States has reached 82%. Therefore, the development of China's recycling industry and its processing and sorting industry have strong late-comer advantages.

(3) Application in ore processing industry

For more than 50 years, China's mining development has played a huge role in promoting economic development. For a long time, the mining industry's resource utilization rate is not high, environmental damage and environmental pollution problems have become increasingly prominent, which has already attracted the government's attention. As the country's monitoring of the mining industry is strengthened, how to improve the utilization of ore resources and advocate an intensive economic model has become a topic that must be pondered in the ore industry.

As the ore processing sorting equipment, the ore color sorting machine can be used for potassium feldspar, barite, quartz sand, fused silica, manganese ore, calcium carbonate stone, white marble stone, calcite, tungsten ore, phosphate rock, etc. Significant effect, improved resource utilization, will be widely promoted in the ore mining industry

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