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Optical sorting enhances sunflower seed quality

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Sunflower seed production lines are usually divided into raw material production lines and clinker production lines. The raw materials of sunflower seeds are first passed through the raw material production line, and the defective products and impurities are removed; then the clean raw materials are then put into the clinker production line for frying or secondary sorting, and the final finished product is sold after being packaged.

For sunflower seed processing enterprises, the procurement of raw materials is diverse, resulting in high impurity content and unstable quality of raw materials. If mechanical culling is only performed by means of stone removing machines, gravity machines, etc., a large number of manual screenings are still required to ensure the quality of the finished product. However, considering the sustainability of manual selection, and the small volume of some impurities, the difference between color and good product is not large, making the manual difficult to identify and eliminate, which has become the production bottleneck of many manufacturers.

Common impurities in sunflower seeds

As a leading food processor, Mouthwater realized early on the importance of optimizing the production line and put on a color sorter on the raw material line to improve product quality. However, in the process of use, the mouth water baby gradually found that the existing color sorting machine mainly relies on color sorting, but some impurities in sunflower seeds, such as sunflower seeds, nodules, etc., because of the similar color and sunflower seeds, rely only on color selection technology. Can't get rid of it clean. In addition, foreign bodies such as Xanthium and animal droppings cannot be removed well. Therefore, the raw materials selected by the color sorter still require 10 to 15 workers to select.

In order to further optimize the production line, Mouthwater began to contact other food sorting brands. After contacting the CSG brand, I learned that as a technology pioneer in sorting equipment, CSG sorting equipment not only has powerful color selection and shape selection functions, but also integrates a series of advanced optical sorter technologies such as NIR and laser. The sales staff of CSG recommended BELTTYPE sorting equipment based on the remaining problems of the existing production line and considering various aspects such as production capacity and capital investment. This device is a channel sorting device and is ideal for seed products.

NIR technology effectively solves the problem of raw material impurities

After fully understanding the actual situation of the mouth water production line, CSG equipped with NIR and RGB full color camera equipment to carry out a series of tests on the sunflower seed material of the mouth water. CSG's proven NIR technology accurately identifies material features of different materials and easily identifies sunflower seeds and foreign objects for efficient impurity removal.

Different substances will exhibit different forms in the NIR process

During the test, CSG's technical engineers set the procedures according to the different raw materials of the saliva, in addition to being able to remove the previously easy to leave sunflower discs, nodules, animal droppings, etc., other foreign bodies such as stones, insects, etc. Basically, they can be eliminated one by one. According to the current order standard, the raw material production line has no need to be manually selected. In addition, because NIR technology can accurately distinguish products and impurities, there are few cases where the qualified products are mistakenly removed, which greatly reduces the ratio of good products and reduces the waste of raw materials. Based on this sorting effect, the saliva is very satisfied, thus determining the purchase intention. “The test results of CSG are very good. Basically, the impurities in the raw sunflower seeds can be removed. The purity of the sunflower seeds after removal is very high, so we do not need to arrange manual secondary check after sorting.

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