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16th Grain & Oil Equipment Technology Exhibition

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The 16th China International Grain and Oil Products and Equipment Technology Exhibition Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “Grain and Oil Exhibition”) will be held from September 28th to 30th at the Hunan Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

With the development of China's grain circulation industry and the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, China's grain machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has entered the stage of innovation, transcends development from introduction, digestion and absorption. The overall upgrading of grain machinery manufacturing equipment is not only for the protection of national food. Quality and safety provide the most powerful technical support.

It is understood that enterprises in the grain sector, farming machinery and equipment, intelligent manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, packaging equipment, and e-commerce will participate in and visit the current grain and oil exhibition, and there will be demonstration cities (counties) with many advantageous industries from all over the country. Exhibitors will focus on displaying high-quality grain and oil products from all over the country. The Grain and Oil Exhibition will also set up exhibition areas for poverty-stricken areas free of charge.

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