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CSG innovation invents coal gangue sorting machine

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In the field of mineral processing, from non-metal to metal mines to the research and development of coal sorting technology and products this year, CSG has been committed to the advancement and development of domestic photoelectric sorting technology, providing better products for mining and processing enterprises. Service, for this reason, on the basis of the past, improved the sorting technology of fine-grain grade materials, the performance of the products for 16-120 target reached the domestic leading, world-class level; also broke the foreign monopoly for many years, realized 30-100mm minerals The sorting or pre-selection truly achieves the alternative manual hand-selection operation, and provides practical solutions for increasing the efficiency of the enterprise and reducing the risk of safety management. The 16-year technology accumulation has developed a coal sorting machine that provides environmental protection. The low-consumption and high-efficiency coal shovel sorting technology has improved the equipment and automation level of the coal washing and dressing industry. Through continuous technical research and development and applied research, the company's leading and leading position in the industrial and mining industry is consolidated.

CSG innovation invents coal gangue sorting equipment

In the 9th National Conference on Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources and the Green Development Forum of Mining and Metallurgy, CSG is the only optoelectronic sorting enterprise that participated in the conference in an all-round way, and presented it to representatives of all parties from product introduction and practical application results. Inquired and paid attention from a number of academicians, experts, universities, design institutes and business users, from the sorting and purification of non-metallic minerals, to the pre-selection of metal ore, to the coal shovel sorting and drastic reduction of coal. Raw coal outside ash. The product technology is mature and the results are visible.

In the future, the company will continue to process R&D investment, break through the research and development of the pain point of the industry, and regard the innovation of scientific research as a new starting point for the enterprise. In the need of the industry, the enterprise has the ability to insist on doing things well and continue to promote the photoelectric division. The application and development of technology in the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources.

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