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Increase the value of ores such as quartz sand

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The appearance of color sorting machine is mainly used in the agricultural industry. For most agricultural and sideline products such as rice, miscellaneous grains, alfalfa, peanuts and soybeans, it is widely used in agriculture. With the rapid development of science and technology, the color sorting machine is slowly Started to penetrate into the industrial category. Metals, seeds, medicinal materials and seafood; bring great advancement to the development of many industries.

As we all know, quartz sand is the raw material for the production of high-end quartz stone plates. With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing demands on home decoration, the selection of quartz stone plates as a home decoration has gradually become a trend, so the demand for quartz stone has also increased, which requires the quality of quartz sand to be more and more demanded. Well, for quartz sand manufacturers, it is very important to use the ore color sorter to improve the quality of quartz sand.

Quartz sand color sorting machine, which may not have been heard by many people, is particularly unfamiliar. Quartz sand color sorting machine is a processing and production machine mainly for the ore industry. It is mainly used to screen high-quality quartz sand. By photoelectric principle, the quartz sand is sorted according to color, which improves the quality of quartz sand and improves production. Efficiency increases the value of raw materials.
There are many ways to screen quartz sand, such as: sand and gravel classification; there are many stones in the quartz sand raw material, we need to separate the stone to get high quality quartz sand; in general, quartz sand processing will also participate in water washing. Link, this link can further improve the quality of quartz sand; there is the separation of quartz sand size and so on.
Quartz sand color sorter

At present, most domestic quartz sand manufacturers are beginning to look for ways to increase the sales of quartz sand. There is no doubt that improving the quality of products, increasing production efficiency, and reducing costs, in order to expand market share, go out of China and go global. Then, the use of ore color sorting machine is an indispensable hard condition for the development of the mining industry. It abandons the original working condition and automates production. This is also the progress of the times and the progress of the enterprise.

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