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CSG improve the economic benefits of PET recycling

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As plastic bottles and trays become more popular in the international consumer market, some new breakthrough material sorting can be achieved by using higher light levels.

CSG recently introduced sorting equipment to separate single-layer PET trays from PET bottles, further expanding the use of sorting equipment and increasing customer economics.

This breakthrough is of great commercial significance because PET food trays and PET bottles, although of the same PET material, have important chemical differences that make a significant difference in product performance. By separating the two, it is easy to recycle the recycled products, so that the utilization of resources is higher. In addition, the artificial intelligence technology embedded in the CSG sorting system can seamlessly analyze the sorted products, making the future sorting plant more intelligent.

At the heart of this breakthrough is the patented CSG technology that allows near-infrared rays to accurately scan every object to be detected on the conveyor. Such "dot matrix scanning" allows the device to be more flexible in signal calibration and higher in recognition accuracy, so that the fine molecular differences that are difficult to identify by conventional means can be found, and the material can be sorted with higher precision.

The sorting and recycling process of mixed waste is often complicated. On the sorting line, if you need to separate PET bottles and single-layer PET trays, this step is usually placed at the end of the sorting process. At the forefront of the production line, the metal, plastic film and non-plastic materials in the mixed garbage are separated by mechanical means such as broken bags and drum screens to reduce the total amount of waste entering the back-end sorting line and improve the efficiency of the production line. . At the end of the production line, the CSG sorting equipment can simultaneously detect the material, color and shape. The PET materials are all selected separately, and then the PET tray and the PET bottle are separately recovered, and the recovery rate can be as high as 95% or more.

Currently, more than 1 million plastic bottles are consumed every minute around the world, and this number is expected to increase by 20% in the next five years. Several organizations in the European Union are developing regulations to regulate the recycling of PET pallets and PET plastic bottles. In China, PET tray packaging is becoming more and more extensive due to the huge consumer market formed by take-out and supermarkets. How to deal with the mixed waste of PET trays and PET plastic bottles is an urgent issue.

As countries raise the concept of plastic waste recycling and tighten the law, this new technological breakthrough of CSG will bring better economic and environmental benefits for the recycling of PET products.

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