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Waste sorting equipment market has broad prospects

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Experts warn that because of China’s ban on the import of recycled waste products, the British local council may refuse to recycle plastics and increase taxes.

Two-thirds of Britain’s current waste plastics are shipped to China. However, as an effort to promote the independence of the anti-spam campaign, China will not receive recycled plastics from March this year. The Chinese government also announced higher quality requirements for other imported waste products such as cardboard. All of these will likely confuse the local municipal council's waste collection operations.

Local government representatives have stated that this move will have a “significant impact” on finance and will likely affect municipal fees and refuse removal and transportation services. Local municipalities currently receive revenue through waste recycling to offset some of the municipal operating costs. They either sort out reusable materials from the garbage and sell them, or – without sorting the garbage – pay the recycling contractor more than traditional landfills or incinerators. After the lower cost, the waste was removed by the contractor.

Greenpeace’s analysis of customs data shows that from 2012, the United Kingdom delivered more than 2.7 million tons of plastic waste to China. Marshall said that even if smaller countries such as Malaysia have the ability to accept waste products recovered from the UK, they may not be able to set a price worthy of sorting and transporting garbage. He told the British newspaper The Guardian: “If you approach the UK factory that manufactures plastic products, you will recycle the waste in the UK. At the same time, you will have commercial and environmental significance in setting up an infrastructure for recycling waste. This is a real opportunity."

A spokesman for the UK Environment said: "We are continuing to work with the waste disposal industry and the Environment Agency to understand the impact of the Chinese government's proposed approach to restricting waste imports on the entire industry. We will also study more garbage recycling in China. Measures, the use of color sorters, waste recycling and other treatment technologies as part of our resource and waste disposal strategy."

According to the report, according to the EU’s target, by 2020, the UK must recycle at least half of all household waste, and the current percentage is 43%.

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