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Ultra-titanium steel salt color sorting technology

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There is an old saying in China: “Open the door seven things, and you can use salt and vinegar to make tea.” As the first place in the world, salt is a kind of mineral that is necessary to maintain human body function. At present, there are various kinds of edible salt and industrial salt on the market. Whether it is coarse salt, fine salt, original salt, or salt, it is very easy to mix sand or produce black, pale yellow and other impurities in the production process, which seriously affects quality and safety. . So how to effectively implement salt selective?

The CSG “Super Titanium Steel” salt sorter was launched nationwide in May 2018. It will confidently tell you: “Black technology is in hand, and this is not a thing!”

1.316L titanium steel body

For the problem that salt materials are prone to corrosion, the high-quality 316L all-titanium steel body is selected to provide superior resistance to pitting and greatly extend the service life of the separator.

2. Brain Recognition Technology

For the characteristics of salt, intelligent positioning algorithms are used to achieve precise rejection and greatly increase production.

3. Colorful Micrometer Camera

Using csg's exclusive custom ultra-clear color CCD sensor technology, with high-definition and low distortion industrial lens, the recognition accuracy up to micron level, can achieve 99.9% ultra-high sorting rate.

4. Maglev spray valve

The high-speed spray valve developed for salt features uses CSG's unique magnetic levitation technology, which allows the spray valve to fully match the lifetime of the equipment.

5. Big data

Achieve one-button smart control, remote operation, diagnosis, repair, online training.

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