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CSG invited to participate in Hebei Food Expo

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 May 28th, the three-day 2018 China (Shijiazhuang) International Cereals and Oils Industry Expo (abbreviation: Hebei Food Expo) ended at the Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center!

CSG attends the opening ceremony of the Food Fair
Hebei Province is located in the North China Plain and is the main producing area for grain in China, such as millet, wheat, and corn. This exhibition brings together a number of well-known domestic grain producers and supporting equipment suppliers. The exciting three-day on-site observation experience has provided an important platform for food processing companies to exchange product technology and expand channels. CSG was the only invited exhibitor for color selection equipment and attracted many consultants and interested customers after its appearance.

During the three-day Hebei Food Expo, CSG continued to receive the attention of well-known domestic media and exhibitors. The site was very popular. This was inseparable from CSG's more than a decade of brand recognition and legendary products.

CCTV Experts Group Interview with CSG Market Information Minister and Sales Division of Hebei Region

The three-day exhibition was a complete success. The staff members discussed the exchanges from the features of the color sorting machine, technical advantages, and company strength. The results of the on-site trials showed that the CSG color sorting machine had a more in-depth understanding.
The color selection stunning the on-site exhibitors and won praise. Near the summer harvest season, a large number of wheat and corn customers consulted on the spot to understand that the exhibition site prototype will be transported to the customer's processing plant after the exhibition ends, and become a right-hand man for customer processing and production.

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