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CSG Make Contributions to Summer Wheat Harvesting

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According to the release of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the main wheat crops for summer crops have matured from south to north, the wheat harvest in the southwest region has basically ended, and the main producing areas such as Hubei, Henan, and Anhui have entered the concentrated harvest period.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Statistics, as of May 28, the country has harvested 32.6 million mu of wheat, and the daily harvested area has exceeded 4 million mu, marking the country's “three summers” (summer harvest, summer plant, summer plant) large-scale wheat area. The machine-to-convenge battle was fully launched. In the country, 15.5 million agricultural machinery will be put into the harvesting of crops such as wheat and rapeseed, straw processing, and drying operations, as well as the sowing of crops such as corn and rice, among which 630,000 combine harvesters, and the total number of machine tools added will increase by 800,000 units year-on-year. The yield of winter wheat and the summer corn planting rate are expected to exceed 94% and 82%, respectively, and increase by 1 percentage point year-on-year. The number of farm machinery service organizations participating in the “Three Summers” operation this year is expected to exceed 55,000, including 31,000 agricultural machinery cooperatives and over 1.8 million aircraft operators. Most agricultural service organizations have formed a relatively stable market through land "custody" and order operations. Some of them can provide one-stop "full mechanization + comprehensive agricultural services" for the majority of small farmers and all types of new business entities. District operations are mainly based on machine revenue, and the integration of machine services, straw processing, and machine broadcasting services has changed.

It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has printed 300,000 cross-district agricultural work permits issued free of charge to the pilots, and combines the reapers of the harvesters and rice transplanters to enjoy the free pass policy. The agricultural machinery department of each major producing province of winter wheat has opened a 24-hour on-duty telephone and set up 3,400 trans-regional airport reception service stations along the highway to provide free services to the operators. Agricultural machinery at all levels, development and reform departments, and petroleum and petrochemical enterprises have established effective oil supply and supply mechanisms, and some provinces will enjoy a 0.3 yuan-0.8 yuan per liter discount for agricultural fueling.

CSG and the Wheat Harvest Federation provide sorting equipment and technical support for the preliminary sorting of wheat after harvest, removing impurities such as stones after wheat harvest, reducing storage costs for grain storage companies and improving sales quality.

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