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CSG ensure the quality of national grain reserves

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China's wheat is the second most important food crop behind rice in planting area and yield. The total wheat output in China is about 70 billion kg, accounting for about 20% of the country's total grain output. As an important grain storage and storage material of the country, the development of the wheat industry is directly related to the national food security and social stability.

2018 The acquisition of new wheat in the new season, Henan, Anhui, and other places suffered from low-temperature freeze damage and rain superimposed damage. The outbreak of large-scale wheat scab in the Yangtze-Huaihe River Valley affected the market nerves.

In recent days, many places have encountered strong wind and rain conditions, and wheat has fallen to a spot. The lodging of wheat not only makes harvesters difficult to harvest, but it may also lead to a reduction in wheat production, and can easily cause diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, head blight, and sheath blight.

From the perspective of the current situation of wheat growth, there is a high probability that this year's ‘several disasters’ of wheat production will decline and the quality will be uneven.

How to ensure the quality of the State Reserve grain?

High quality wheat sorting plan

COLOR SORTER GROUP has many years of experience in cooperation with China's grain storage companies. It aims at the deviation of wheat quality and does not meet the storage standards. In the wheat pretreatment process, the CSG color sorter has a mature color selection technology to accurately remove wheat scab, imperfect grains. , impurities, etc., bring out a low ratio, high precision, and create the best output efficiency.

Natural disaster is ruthless! How to increase farmers' income?

Heavy rains hit the bankrupt
Poor harvest, more pests and diseases
Can not sell, farmer
CSG color sorter to help you worry
Intelligent color sorter equipment is used to remove mildew impurities
Three highlights to save you money

1, large output and high precision
Help you choose a good grain to sell a good price

2, choose wheat and choose corn
One machine arrived at two stations

3. The CSG wheat corn color sorter has obtained the agricultural machinery promotion and appraisal certificate, and the purchase machine enjoys the national agricultural machinery subsidy.

With the increase in production volume, the unit price can also be increased, and it is also possible to open up new generation processing business, which is naturally enough to ensure the income of the farmers.

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