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Refined processing is the future of ore company

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1. Improve the utilization rate of tailings, reduce the sorting accuracy of waste color sorters, reduce the output of useful ores in tailings, increase the utilization rate of tailings, and avoid waste of resources. But also according to customer requirements, grading ore.

2. Increase the grade of ore, increase the selling price, increase the income of raw ore after mining, contain more inclusions, and some associated minerals are more. Two kinds of ores are mixed and it is difficult to sell high prices. However, high-grade ore prices are several times higher, such as high-grade quartz, and the price is high, and supply falls short of supply.

3, high color selection accuracy, high efficiency, thereby reducing production costs ore generally broken after sorting, ore small size, manual selection, low efficiency and high cost. Separation of color sorters, some of which can be directly on the machine after crushing, some also need to pick after pickling. Basically, the net can be selected once to meet customer requirements.

4, sorting machine, without any chemical additives, green color sorter is only through the color sorting, will not cause other effects on the ore itself.

5, to improve the purity of ore, to facilitate the refinement of non-metallic minerals China's current non-metallic minerals are still in the "first-class resources, second-rate products," the development stage, is still "holding the golden bowl to eat." The government encourages and promotes the transformation from primary processing to fine processing. This has greatly improved the grade requirements for ore. Ore color sorter is a new type of ore dressing technology that can just select the high-quality ore that meets the requirements. New technologies for the transformation of mineral raw materials industry to mineral materials industry

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