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The application prospect of peanut color sorter

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For peanut farmers, the hardest thing to overcome is cost and quality. Many farmers are at a loss for the quality of peanuts, not only in the selection of seeds but also in the selection of peanuts. So, how to reduce costs and improve quality? In the final analysis, China's peanut cultivation technology is poor and lacks support for large-scale peanut equipment. Peanut color sorter, the rising star of the Chinese agricultural industry.

The peanut color sorter is a large scale mining and surgical equipment that uses the principle of photoelectricity to sort peanuts by color, and its application not only solves the problems and quality problems of agricultural and commercial technology, but also greatly increases the output of peanuts. Lowering the cost of peanuts can be said to solve the above problems.

At present, there are only a few peanut R&D manufacturers in China, most of whom are concentrated in China’s four major science and education cities: Hefei, Anhui. But at the same time, there are also some related issues. For example, most manufacturers currently say that the peanut color sorters that are being researched and developed are mostly unilaterally colored peanuts. They cannot really meet the mass production of peanuts, but they also limit the number of peanuts. Sorting of peanut material varieties.

In response to this problem, CSG constantly pursues improvement. Through the unremitting efforts of production R&D personnel, we have successfully developed the most advanced peanut color sorter in China and successfully entered the stable and outstanding production of peanut processing line.

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