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How to efficiently remove bad yellow rice

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The appearance of the small yellow rice sorter has greatly improved the efficiency of the small yellow rice in the screening process, and greatly improved the quality of the color selection. In the era when the Xiao Huang Beige separator was not available, how did it effectively remove the bad yellow rice? ? This problem is that many, many friends who make small yellow rice processing industry will have such problems.

Poor quality and poor quality yellow rice products not only reduce the competitiveness of the product, but also lower the price of similar products, which is detrimental to the health of the purchaser's body, and has become a problematic product. In the past, artificial screening was carried out to improve the quality of some small yellow rice products. Now, with the development of science and technology, the appearance of small yellow rice sorters has greatly improved the quality of small yellow rice products; in order to remove bad yellow rice, perhaps You need a color sorter product.

The intelligent color CCD Xiao Huang Beige sorter is a true black technology that eliminates bad yellow rice on the market. It adopts a multi-megapixel camera to perform real-time monitoring of small yellow rice to collect image data, which can accurately identify heterogeneous particles and impurities in small yellow rice. Professionally removes moldy grains, imperfect grains, lesions, insect eyes, and coke-grained grains in the small yellow rice, and provides three-dimensional identification color selection technology to provide comprehensive scanning and meet the ultra-high-precision sorting requirements for small yellow rice. Full-color accurate, efficient sorting more thorough, full computer intelligent control, easy to use.

Small yellow rice color sorter is mainly based on the color difference in the material of small yellow rice and the difference in the optical properties of the material, and the impurities, bad products and different color particles in the small yellow rice are screened out to achieve the effect of optimizing the quality of the small yellow rice.

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