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Which process is used after the tea sorter?

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So what technology do we have to go after the tea sorter? Below we Tieguanyin as an example to illustrate the tea color sorter in the tea processing process and played a decisive role.

1, picking. In the mature season of tea, we will find many busy scenes in the tea field. They are actively picking tea leaves and harvesting fruits, while others use the tea harvester to directly harvest. In the process, the quality of tea is the highest quality. The original, inside impurities tea leaves yellow, need to carry on deep processing.

2. Sunburn: Sunburn disperses some of the water in the tea leaves, and at the same time, part of the low-boiling aromatic substances evaporates, making the tea emit a clear fragrance.

3, cool blue: cool green is a supplementary process sunburn. Re-distribution of moisture in various parts of fresh leaves, distribution of heat between leaves, reducing the rate of water loss and chemical changes.

4. Shake Green: Shake Green is a process in the tea production process. Through different combinations of mechanical motion force and mechanical friction force of rocking green, it is possible to ascertain the physical and chemical changes and the tea quality of the green leaves with different mechanical forces. influences.

5. Screen Green: Follow-up Work for Shake Green

6, fried green: also known as "killing green", mainly through high-temperature rapid destruction of enzyme activity, stop its enzymatic oxidation, so that the quality of the formation process of the blue fixed down.

7, Bao Zheng: divided into the initial package rubbing and rubbing. The tea dough is further crimped and tightly formed under the action of forces such as twisting, pressing, turning and kneading.

8, baking: if you want to make it have a "fire", then use it to "dry"

9, pick the stem: this stage is the tea color sorter to play a role; different from the previous manual picking, tea color sorting machine greatly improve the screening speed, improve efficiency, while double screening, one step, quality is more high-quality. It can filter out all the impurities such as tea stems, yellow leaves, and bad products in the tea to improve the quality of the tea and make the tea quality better.

10. Packing: After being screened by tea color sorters, high-quality tea leaves are packaged and flow into the market. Higher prices and greater benefits.

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