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How to optimize and optimize the rice sorter

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First, the maintenance of the meter road. When cleaning the meterway, do not use hard objects or the sharp east-west area to touch the meterway to prevent scratches on the meterway. Clean the dust on the surface with a dust-laden air gun. Apply dust to the meterway. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth or use a cotton cloth that has been used for a long time with a smooth chopstick.

Second, cleaning brush maintenance and replacement. Cleaning brush must be replaced and corrected regularly (1 time / 6 months), otherwise it will affect the quality of cleaning, if the collection room glass dust accumulation more, it will affect the effect of color selection.

Third, whether the glass in the sorting room has dust. The sorting chamber has dust on the glass, which can be wiped with a cotton cloth, or wiped with a little alcohol on the cotton cloth. Before wiping, the selective rice board of the color sorter can be removed to facilitate wiping. Must be done when the valve is closed.

Fourth, touch screen maintenance. When dusting the color sorter touch screen, you can use a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe, or use a dust-air gun to blow the dust on the surface. Do not use the air gun to blow the surface of the touch screen to avoid damage to the touch screen due to excessive force on the surface.

Fifth, maintenance and repair of double-barrel filters and triple parts. Double-barrel filters and triplets act as drainage filters in the air circuit, where dual-barrel filters require regular drainage (1 time/4 hours) and triplets are fully automatic drains without operator intervention. However, the filter cups of these two parts need to be periodically disassembled and washed with clean water (once in January). The filter elements of the two parts should also be disassembled and scrubbed (once every six months).

Six, dust mouth cleaning. The dust removal port must be cleaned regularly, once a week, so as to avoid the dust filter screen being blocked by dust for a long time, which is not conducive to dust removal, affecting the color selection effect, and seriously affecting the service life of the color sorter.

Seven, air compressor, air tank, filter drainage problems. For these three kinds of drainage, the rice factory with a large production volume must discharge 3 to 4 times or more times a day. Please handle it according to the actual situation. After the end of production, the air in the air compressor, air tank, and filter should be drained.

Eight, valve maintenance. The main consideration is due to the environment dust, moisture weather and other reasons, resulting in solenoid valve core foreign body, can not be sealed caused by the maintenance of air leakage, the general customer on-site solution has two kinds: A. find which air leakage is a nozzle mouth, In front of it, the nozzle port is subjected to high frequency testing; B. The high pressure gas is used to directly blow the solenoid valve.

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