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Good quality tea is inseparable from sorting

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I. Traditional Tea and Modern Tea

Prior to the general operation of the tea color sorter, every tea plantation will be invited to complete this essential work. Four or five women surrounded a large sunbath and patiently removed yellow leaves and tea stems from dry tea.

Nowadays, the processing capacity of a tea color sorting machine is equivalent to several hundred inspection workers. The production capacity of enterprises is effectively activated, the picking-up charges are significantly reduced, and the processing cycle is greatly shortened. Take Qianshan as an example, Qianshan is quite famous in the five major temples of origin, “Tianzhu Jianmian”. However, due to the inconsistent shapes and sizes of teas in the past, they were mixed in different colors, and they were labour-intensive and labor-intensive, combined with labor shortages and wages. It is too high to meet market demand. Since the advent of the tea color sorter, the graded tea has been well-proportioned, has no impurities, and has seen much better. If the work efficiency is roughly calculated, the average annual economic income of an enterprise can be increased by more than 100,000 yuan. The introduction of tea color sorters will help companies reduce labor costs, improve ergonomics, enhance the stability and consistency of their products, and increase their market competitiveness.

二. Introduction to the principle of color selection of tea color sorter

The tea color sorter achieves cleanliness and standardization of tea refining. After the tea factory is equipped with a color sorter, the technicians only need to press keys on the computer to set and shape the shape and color of the tea. When passing between the sensor and the background plate, the sensor can collect image information, and the computer processing system can process the classification and output signals. , drive the solenoid valve to separate.

Three. Tea color sorter brings convenient and effective color selection effect

The tea color sorter grading tea well, with good shape, uniform size, good color, good natural endoplasmic quality and appearance, no impurities, the price of tea is naturally good. Graded tea stalks and yellow leaves are separated in different waste buckets. The tea color sorter reduces tea processing costs and manual tea selection pollution to achieve cleanliness and standardization of tea making. It will not only increase tea production and quality, but also significantly increase economic returns.

CSG intelligent color CCD tea color sorter, adopts true chromatic color selection technology of line CCD, color high-definition identification; international standard HD 54 million pixel camera, accurate identification of materials, color selection of tea, effectively improve the quality of tea, is the current pole One of the few manufacturers with high-tech color selection technology

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