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Pre-sorting applied before waste recycling

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As garbage is constantly accompanied by human social life, garbage disposal is also an industry that is constantly changing and sustainable development. From another perspective, garbage is an inexhaustible and usable resource under the condition that the technology is perfect enough. With the rapid advancement of ecological civilization construction, in order to meet the needs of domestic garbage disposal in the new urbanization process, economic and environmental protection of medium and small tonnage waste disposal technology and equipment will become the first choice for urban environmental infrastructure construction.

Garbage pyrolysis refers to the process of pyrolysis and decomposition of waste generated under anaerobic or anoxic conditions (hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and other hydrocarbons), combustible gases, organic liquids (organic acids, tars, etc.), and carbon black. Under the same pyrolysis conditions, the pyrolysis rate and pyrolysis temperature of different substances are different. Contaminants generated in the pyrolysis process, such as: SOx, NOx, dioxins, heavy metals, etc., are very few, and especially the amount of fly ash is less than 1% of the amount of garbage, far below the grate furnace technology, fluidization The amount of fly ash produced by the bed technology greatly reduces the secondary pollution caused by waste disposal to the environment and also reduces the cost of tail gas treatment.

Urban waste consists mainly of plastic bags, used clothing, plastics, muck, meals and waste paper, and a small portion of construction waste. Garbage in the heat value of such as plastic bags, used clothing, plastic stool components, accounting for 20-25% of the weight of garbage, volume accounted for about 70%.

The collected primary living garbage, after sorting by the CSG refuse sorting and pretreatment system, will directly enter the pyrolysis gasifier with the heat worthy combustible material for disposal. The volume of organic fertilizer or anaerobic fermentation of peels, meal waste, etc. will be reduced to more than half. The residue soil can be used as a nutrient soil for landscaping, and bricks, glass, etc. can be landfilled. Garbage pre-sorting has achieved the goal of saving land and reducing waste disposal costs by reducing waste and replacing human resources with harmless resources.

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