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People drive the forklift to shuttle back and forth in a confined space, transporting cargo; palletizing robots are constantly shaping, grabbing, and placing goods next to the rolling line; stackers are constantly shuttled and picked up on high-rise cubic shelves. , delivery of goods...

This is what the reporter saw in the CSG production logistics and warehousing and logistics display workshops. Industrial robots and automated equipment are another major direction for the company's future development.

At present, CSG, who is the second-largest player in the global color sorting industry, continues to expand its field of color selection and sorting. In addition, it has further applied more than a decade of experience in vision systems and artificial intelligence to industrial robots. : Palletizing robots, stamping robots, AGVs, intelligent three-dimensional storage systems, six-axis robots, and vision inspection and positioning systems. With the development of a new personal smart new product, the company is getting closer and closer to the mainstream suppliers of domestic industrial robots.

Color sorter industry dark horse

Talented people are happy. CSG can go all the way to the present and become the “dark horse” of the color sorting machine industry. The deepest feeling is the power of talents.

CSG currently employs more than 800 people, including nearly 200 R&D personnel, accounting for nearly a quarter of all employees. The core technical personnel of the company are all shareholders of the company. The company's senior management team has 5 doctors and both graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China.

More importantly, “the core technical staff is willing to grow together with the company and do their best for the rapid development and rapid growth of the company.” The CSG management staff said with satisfaction.

Because of the talents, the company first introduced the advanced CCD/COMS digital image sensor technology into the color sorter, which greatly improved the resolution of the color sorter and made the recognition more accurate; at the same time, the digital image processing algorithm had The greater use of land, previously only rely on color-resolving color sorters, can identify the shape and texture of materials, and expand its scope of application. The company's move narrowed the gap with the world's top level and quickly overtaken it, becoming the second largest global color sorting machine industry.

"CCD/COMS intelligent sorting not only fills the gap in domestic technology, but also brings to the company high compound growth for many years. For every 10 CCD color sorters sold in the global market, CSG accounts for about 3 units." CSG management staff Say.

According to statistics, CSG’s operating revenue in 2016 was 370 million yuan, of which overseas sales revenue reached 146 million yuan, accounting for nearly 40% of the total, and overseas market gross profit margin exceeded 60%. CSG told reporters that the company's products are currently exported to more than 50 countries, mainly in areas along the "One Belt and One Road," and with the advancement of the "Belt and Road Initiative," the company's overseas operations will surely continue to expand.

At the same time, CSG accelerates the introduction of new technologies and products, applies more advanced infrared and X-ray detection technologies to color sorters, and applies color sorters from food safety fields such as rice, wheat, corn, and tea to plastics, The field of waste material recovery and mineral classification and classification of quartz sand, ore and other industrial products has expanded.

In the showroom, the reporter saw a variety of color sorters that can screen traditional Chinese medicines, ores, plastics, and non-ferrous metals. “These machines can accurately identify the materials that customers need to sort, and they can do 24 hours of continuous operation.” Workshop technicians told reporters.

Relying on the exquisite technology and technological innovation, excellent technology and first-class brand, the company's color sorter has become a market leader.

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