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CSG Remote APP Intelligent Control Technology

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Remote APP Intelligent Control Optical Sorting Machine Technology

First, what is the remote APP intelligent control technology?

Presumably APP everyone can understand, it is a software, just like a mobile phone inside a program, such as: WeChat, qq, Taobao, etc., you only need an account, you can log in, remote control of your phone or tablet Color sorter is convenient, quick and easy to operate.

Second, remote APP application in color sorters.

1, low maintenance costs. Through remote control to help customers solve the problem of material color selection; for example, if you are in the United States, the color sorting machine manufacturers in China, one day you have to use the color sorter to select a new material, suddenly found that do not know how to debug, At this time, you may inform the engineers of the color sorting machine manufacturers that the Chinese engineers will take a few days from receiving the notice and then to your debugging machine. It will take a few days and it will not be a cost. This will delay the work. The remote APP smart control technology only needs to control your color sorter in China to help you debug the machine, convenient and cost-effective.

2. Do not delay production. You are a small and medium-sized enterprise. Most of the color sorters are used on the assembly line. They work 24 hours a day. When you need to debug the machine, because the manufacturer's engineers are not there, it's unrealistic to shut down the assembly line to wait. Impossible to do so, remote APP intelligent control technology does not delay your factory assembly line production, remote control to solve your problem.

3, the control panel is broken is no longer a problem. The remote APP intelligent control system can help customers solve real problems of customers in remote areas without having to wait for engineers to come to the door. The malfunction or fragmentation of the color sorting screen seriously affects the work. We can help you realize the continued success of the color sorter by remote control. Reduce your losses and help you achieve greater benefits.

CSG regards remote APP intelligent control technology as it will lead color sorter products into a higher level of updating.

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