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How to choose the right type of rice color sorter

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China is a big agricultural country with safe food. Its grain processing industry occupies a crucial position in the process of agricultural industrialization in China. With the development of science and technology, people's living standards and quality of life have undergone tremendous changes, and the quality of food has become The requirements are becoming increasingly stringent and the food screening process requirements are also important.

In the past, the screening of food processing companies was selected manually, which was not only slow and inefficient, but also difficult to meet the requirements of screening. With the rapid development of food companies, manual selection of low output, accuracy Poor, it can not meet the needs of large-scale production of mining enterprises, this time the color sorter came into being, and its emergence has accelerated the process of industrialization of China's grain processing industry.

The rice that is consumed is produced through the multi-step processing of rice. Before the color selection, the rice must go through the grading process, cleaning, smashing, milling, polishing, etc., and can be removed by grading to reduce the content of heterogeneous grains in rice. In order to reduce the miscellaneous rate in rice, in the end, the quality rice was selected by the rice color sorter and flowed into the market and exported abroad.

At present, there are many types of rice color sorters in the market, and it is most important to choose the right rice color sorter. How to choose the right rice color sorter?

First, the output size. The type and size of the color sorter are selected according to the daily rice production of the company.

Second, bring out the rate. The color sorting accuracy and output ratio of the rice color sorter are important indicators for measuring the quality of the color sorter.

Third, color CCD color sorter. The color sorter with a color line CCD sensor is selected, and the color CCD color sorter can accurately recognize the nuances of the color of the rice, and the color sorting effect is better.

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